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The Wildwood Police Department’s Detective Division utilizes several highly trained detectives that are involved in the daily investigation of violent crimes, crime scene investigations, arrest of offenders, investigation of missing persons, undercover narcotics investigations and applicant background investigations as well as the preparation of these cases for upcoming trials in court.

While highly training and well experienced, these officers frequently receive assistance from the public. The eyes and ears of our local citizens and visitors to our community are some of the most vital tools in the police officer’s’ arsenal. Critical information provided by citizens in the past has resulted in the identification and arrest of numerous violent offenders. More frequently than not, local citizens observe a criminal offense during the commission of the act, and can provide valuable information to the police investigators. However it is understandable in this day and age that people are apprehensive and sometimes even afraid of calling the police for fear of retribution or retaliation from the offender.

Anyone having information about a past criminal act, narcotics information, suspicious activity or the identity or location of wanted offenders may provide information by sending an email to the Detective Division. Please provide as much detail as possible ads well as your contact information and how we may reach you. Any information provided will be kept confidential should you so desire.

All residents and visitors are always urged to:

Dial 9-1-1 In Case Of Emergency



You may remain anonymous! NO Caller I.D. 609-465-2800 Toll Free 1-800-465-2801