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The Records Division is charged with maintaining all of the records generated by the officers of this department. Within the past two years, the Wildwood Police Department has made efforts to make all reports “paperless”. While vast improvements have been made not every report can be computerized. The records clerks are responsible for the maintaining of security of all documentation, providing any reports, video and or audio recordings as well as officer’s certifications to both prosecution and defense attorneys for discovery.

Also the records division handles the scheduling of all fingerprint requests. If you need to be fingerprinted for an employment application, firearms application, taxi license or other reasoning please contact this office. You may only be fingerprinted in the township or city in which you reside. ONLY Wildwood residents will be fingerprinted by the Wildwood Police Department. The fee for fingerprinting is $3.00 per person and must be scheduled Monday through Friday 7:00am to 10:00am. To schedule an appointment, please call the number listed below and ask for the Records Division.

Any requests under the Open Public Records Act are also filed through this office. If you are interested in obtaining records maintained by our department under OPRA, please complete the form below. You may send in the form with a self addressed return envelope with your payment enclosed. You may also pick up the requested documents at Police Headquarters should you so desire after you receive notification that your request has been completed. Should you need additional assistance in completing this form, please contact one of our records clerks who will be more than happy to assist you.

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