badge-meThe Patrol Division is the backbone of our department and consists of the largest compliment our officers. This is also the most visible unit and usually the first contact a member of the public has with a police officer is from the patrol division. The Wildwood Police Department currently employs forty three fully sworn law enforcement officers. Recently, Wildwood received a grant from the Office of Community Oriented Police Services, commonly known as COPS for the hiring of three additional full time law enforcement officers under the Recovery Act. These officers have been hired and are currently attending the Cape May County New Jersey Police Training facility.

During the winter months, the City of Wildwood maintains an estimated population of approximately 5,400 residents. Since the City of Wildwood is a major shore resort and vacation attraction community, Wildwood’s population surges in excess of well over 150,000 residents, visitors and guests during the summer months.

The Wildwood Police Department employs Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers to assist with this increased population during the summer. Most Special law Enforcement Officers are college students, usually but not always, criminal justice majors. Working with our department provides valuable experience to the individual as well as allows the officer to receive credits towards their degree as well as supplementing our ranks.

Wildwood utilizes numerous patrol methods, including vehicle patrol, bicycle patrol, foot patrol and instituted this year Segway patrol. Officers are assigned according to the need at the time, dependant upon the current activities scheduled throughout the summer. Wildwood hosts hundreds of special events during the summer, including the American Legion and V.F.W. conventions, the New Jersey State Firemen’s Convention and also the “Roar to the Shore”. The “Roar to the Shore” is one of the largest Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiast’s rallies on the east coast, with visitors from throughout the United States and is only surpassed by Laconia, N.H. and Daytona Beach, Fla.