During the summer season the City of Wildwood Police Department employs the use of civilian personnel in the form of Parking Enforcement Officers, or P.E.O.’s. These employees are charged with the enforcement of various parking infractions throughout the city including overtime meters. Historically parking enforcement officers work an eight hour shift, historically, 8a x 4p, 12p x 8p and 2p x 10p. In the past, several P.E.O.’s have furthered their careers by becoming Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers, and still others advanced to becoming a full time officer with our department or other organizations.

During the time you are employed as a P.E.O. your rate of pay is $8.00 per hour, and there is usually the opportunity to work additional hours if desired. This is a seasonal position beginning with Memorial Day Weekend and concluding with the Labor Day Weekend. Applicants must file an employment application with the City of Wildwood Police Department via the departments’ website. All applicants must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years old and posses a valid drivers license.

All applications will be reviewed and if deemed satisfactory the applicant will be contacted for a formal interview should positions be available. If scheduled for an interview please bring the following documents with you to the interview:

Driver’s License

Social Security Card

School Transcripts

Letter of Recommendation

In you are interested in applying for this position; visit the Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers Applications page. Open the application form at the bottom of the page and complete the form. Select “Parking Enforcement” in the drop down box for the position for which you are applying, on the application. You must also complete the Personal Information release Form.

Return both of these documents after having the forms notarized by your local Notary to the following address:

Wildwood Police Department
Attn: Parking Enforcement Application
4400 New Jersey Avenue
Wildwood, N.J. 08260