Class II S.L.E.O.

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Dear Employment Candidate:

Class-II-Shoulder-PatchIn the history of the Wildwood Police Department, thousands of men and women just like you, who were interested in law enforcement, obtained a position as a Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer. Many of these officers continued their careers with our department and others had different aspirations. Previous SLEO’s have moved into every field of law enforcement, be it, Municipal, County, State and even some Federal Agencies.

Your interest in our Department sets you apart from other people interested in becoming a police officer. Several communities in Cape May County employ SLEO’s, all of which have excellent departments. Wildwood however, is a major shore resort community and attraction destination, which brings thousands of visitors to our small island each and every day during the summer. Our SLEO’s are a vital part of our organization, and are actively involved in all aspects of the enforcement of all laws and ordinances, from minor parking offenses to major criminal investigations. The knowledge and experience our officers receive is unsurpassed and will surely aid in enhancing any future law enforcement employment opportunities in the future.

With this being said the Wildwood Police Department interviews hundreds of applicants every year. The earlier your application is received, the better chance you have of being selected for an interview. Being selected for an interview does not necessarily guarantee that you will be hired as a SLEO with our department, however all applications should be submitted as early as possible.

All eligible applicants are required to complete an interview, a thorough background investigation, a strenuous physical examination as well as both psychological and medical examinations. All applicants are encouraged to diligently prepare for the physical examination. The P.T. (Physical Training) test is extremely strenuous. If you are considering a career in law enforcement, you should be training right now. Applicants will be tested in areas of strength, agility, cardiovascular endurance and speed. Each applicant will be scored dependent upon his/her performance of each particular task and ranked according to score. Applicants that fail to meet the minimum necessary standards will not be permitted to continue in the employment process.