All seasonal applicants must file an employment application with the City of Wildwood Police Department via the department’s website. All applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old and possess a valid driver’s license.

The application will be reviewed and if satisfactory, the applicant will be contacted and a formal interview scheduled. Applicants that are scheduled for an interview are required to bring the following documentation to the interview:

Copies of any college transcripts

Recommendations of former employers

Military records, if any

Driver’s license

Social Security card

On the date of the interview the applicant will be fingerprinted and photographed, as required by law. Upon being selected as a potential candidate, the applicant will be required to submit to a psychological and medical examination, as well as a thorough background investigation.

Should the applicant be successful in passing these pre-employment requirements and is selected to advance in the hiring process, the applicant will be sworn by oath to uphold all the duties of a Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer. At that time, uniforms, equipment and weaponry will be distributed as needed.