Upon satisfactorily completing and graduating the police academy, the officer is then assigned to a duty which may consist of one or more of the following:

Squad Patrol

The officer is assigned with a full time officer to a patrol vehicle in a designated patrol sector. The officer will answer calls from citizens in reference to assaults, robberies, burglaries, fires, accidents, injured or sick persons, property checks, noise complaints and fights. Officers will also assist the walking beat patrol officers on arrests.

Squad patrol is currently a steady shift with shifts working a 7am x 3pm, 3pm x 11pm or 11pm x 7am schedule. Officers come under the direct supervision of two Sergeants who are the shift supervisors and a Lieutenant the shift commander.

Walking Patrol

Officers are assigned to a walking patrol in designated walking sectors. The officer will be assigned with a partner and required to maintain crowd control on the beach, boardwalk and various street locations. Officers also control traffic at intersections and keeps noise to a minimum. Officers are visible deterrents to disorderly groups, and those that may be engaged in fighting or drinking, and making arrests if and when necessary. Most walking patrol officers will come under the direct supervision of a Corporal.

Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers have the same powers and duties as a regular full time sworn police officer, however, they are hired under a different law which limits the amount of time they may work. Officers are permitted to work forty-eight hours per week for six months and for the remaining six months, they are only permitted to work twenty hours per week.

Officers are not permitted to carry a firearm off duty. The officer’s weapons must be locked and secured in the officer’s assigned locker, upon completion of his/her shift. The officer works a forty to forty-eight hour work week, with overtime, when it is necessary. The officer has the power of arrest only within the municipality in which they are employed, unless requested to enter another municipality for reasons of mutual aid.

Officers wear the same uniform and carry the same weapon as the regular officer. However, Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers must wear a shoulder patch that designates them as being a Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer.

Schools that have internships or co-op programs will receive full cooperation of the Wildwood Police Department.

The Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer is under the supervision of a regular full time officer as much as possible. The Corporal and Sergeants will supervise the officer’s work habits, review reports, uniform appearance and cleanliness, public contacts and assign them to respective posts. The Lieutenant, who is the Shift Commander, will make all final decisions on the Squad.

The Wildwood Police Department encourages all of our Class II Special Law Enforcement receiving satisfactory evaluations from their supervisors, to return for the following season. Several officers have been employed with our department for several seasons prior to their being selected by our department or other organizations in a full time capacity.