Academy Training

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A Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer must attend and graduate from the Cape May County Police Academy Training Facility, located in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. The training requirements will average approximately three hundred (300) hours of training.

This facility is certified by the New Jersey State Training Commission. The training period schedule varies dependent upon which session the applicant is enrolled. The full time session schedule is Monday through Saturday and the part-time session schedule is three nights a week and all day Saturday.

During training at the Police Academy, recruits will be paid at a rate of $7.50 per hour. Upon successful completion of recruit training, the recruit will graduate the Police Academy and will receive a Certificate from the Police Training Commission, which is good throughout the State of New Jersey. Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers are required to complete weapons qualifications once per year with his/her duty weapon.

Recruits will receive training in several topics including the use of firearms. During instruction a written test will be given on firearms safety and the use of deadly force. Recruits are also required to qualify on the firearms range with your duty weapon, and must achieve a minimum score to continue training in the police academy.

In addition to firearms, the following is a brief synopsis of some of the training recruits will receive:

P.T. (Physical Training)

Military Drill

Emergency Vehicle Operations

Report Writing

Use of Force

Crash Injury Management

Criminal Law

Arrest, Search & Seizure Law of the State of New Jersey

Alcoholic Beverage Control Law

Motor Vehicle Law

Traffic Control

Motor Vehicle Accident Investigation

Court Procedures

Defensive Tactics including use of the police baton

Summer employment with the Wildwood Police Department varies from early May to mid-October. During the time a sworn Class II Special Law Enforcement Officer is employed, the rate of pay is $10.00 per hour.

During the summer season, this department employs an average of fifty Class II Special Law Enforcement Officers. Please note, that the City of Wildwood Police Department does not maintain a residency requirement for this position.